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 Oh My God... Italy?!?!

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PostSubject: Oh My God... Italy?!?!   Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:53 pm

I woke up drowsy, vaugly aware that I was on a train. I then realised that I was travveling to Vegas for the weekend.... but, wait... if I were in LA, there would be all those lights... but here... there were Italian flags.
...Oh... CRAP!

How the hell did I wake up in Italy?
I guessI was lucky I took so much money for gambling... it meant I could get a plane ride back, ASAP.
I got out of the compartment at the next stop and ran toward the nearest clock tower. It was 9:30... it seemed at night... How long had I slept?! 24 Hours?!

I was momentarily caught out of mind. Something... someone maybe, had caught my eye in the distance. I sqeezed my eyes to get a better view. There was a group of young people... some looked only 13. They were all deathly pale, and I instantly thought of those So Called vampires I had met in the meadow a week back...


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Oh My God... Italy?!?!
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