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 I Blew Off My Family For This?!? (anyone welcome)

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PostSubject: I Blew Off My Family For This?!? (anyone welcome)   Thu Mar 06, 2008 4:24 pm

Nighttime. I tied the dark, heavy cloak around my neck and walked towards the alley that hosted the secret entrance to the underground castle. Felix was, of course, waiting for me. He had a dark look in his eye.
"Thank you for coming, Evangeline. Aro has something very important to speak to you about. It concerns you and a certain werewolf."

How did they know about that? Oh, right, they're the Volturi. They know everything.

We slid down the chute and walked through the dark tunnels under Volterra. I kept my head bowed in shame. If I had learned anything during my last stay with the Volturi, it was that they were very prestigious and did not accept werewolves whatsoever. How was I to explain that a best friend of mine was one? And that he was the one who hurt Felix all those years ago?

I'm pretty sure this was how Bella felt. Well, mostly.
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PostSubject: Re: I Blew Off My Family For This?!? (anyone welcome)   Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:04 am

I glided towards the alley that contained my family, my home. The Volturri. I was back at last. I slid down the chut easily, comming to a land at my feet. I walked through dark tunnels, nodding at the secretary... whay was her name again? I could never rember. She smiled back, somewhat nervously. I smirked to myself. Stupid human. She sure wouldn't be here for long. The last one had surived for three months...
"Trista, " A proper voice said, and I turned at Alec, greeting him. "Alec." I contiuned past him, stopping at room. I could hear a girl with Aro inside. I couldn't tell if it was a vampire, a human- or a dog.
I had been called here by Aro. He said he had... news. But he had refused to say what. So I raised my hand, and knocked, once.
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I Blew Off My Family For This?!? (anyone welcome)
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