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 Cullens I need HELP!

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PostSubject: Cullens I need HELP!   Fri Mar 07, 2008 10:15 am

I stood still shakeing i knocked on the door slowly my arm twiched madly, alice came to the door, and i droped to my knees "i need your help Lily she is gone please help us i need lily..." my voice was lost in a crakle of sobs

edward came to the door with a frown on his lips, bella was close behind edwared told me "we will help you where is she exactly"

my hands clinched tight into a balls "she...she is going to itly for the Volterra!" edwards wyws slightly wideined my teath clenched to geather thretenign to bake my lip, "Iam, going to kill every LAST ONE WITH OR WITH OUT YOUR HELP iam going to kill them all"

edward told me "iam with you alice" iam with you jasper?" "iam with you Emmett" "Iam with you" every one else declined

"lets go i cant wait iam falling a part at the seams.. we went on a plane form portangles we flew to Italy..
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PostSubject: Re: Cullens I need HELP!   Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:54 pm

I flew through the door. It splintered. "Hm, I hope they don't get mad," I muttered.
But no one was there. I could smell them, the Cullens, plus Sin, Jake, and someone else I couldn't figure out yet. They had been here moments before.
I could imagine the scene that must've taken place. Sin shouting, probably threatening to kill himself if Lily died, the Cullens hastily agreeing to help him. Then they ran off to the airport.
Oh, I was the stupidest person on the face of the Earth. I should've known that he would pick her first. What had happened outside Lily's house should never have taken place. I was just rude and annoying and a fool.
Running outside, I punched a tree, snapping it clean from the ground. "DAMMIT!!!!" I shouted, falling to my knees. There was a sudden wetness on my face. I brushed my hand against it and saw something that had never happened to any vampire, ever.
Because running down from my eyes were blood-red tears.
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Cullens I need HELP!
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