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 The Past..

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PostSubject: The Past..   Sat Mar 08, 2008 6:26 pm

Name: Claudia Boller

Age: 18

Hair colour: Wine Red curls ending at the edge of her spinal cord.

Eye colour: Baby blue, with streaks of purple

Species: Human

Family: A brother who lives in Hwaii, and hates her. (his age 32)

Build: Hourglass Figure

History: 1996, 6 years old, thinking I'm the top of the world. Strut around the house like I own it (although me does that about everywhere she goes) and then sees a small figure in the shadows. I followed it feeling decetive-like, and sees a beatuiful little boy about 6 or 7, and screaming orange hair with the redest of red eyes. I says, "well what's a litle kid doing in my house??" The boy looks at her and says, "You're really pwetty" and looks at my scarlett curls (my hair was obviously scarlett then, and my hair was short) I looked at him and said, "thank you but i don't like boys, they're icky!!!"
She walked away, and the beautiful child followed her. "Hey stop follin me freak!!"
The boy stoped dead and just waited for me to give him an order. I turned around and said, "commhere" He came, as fast as he could (which was VERRY fast to Claudia) and looked at me with loving eyes.
"lemme see you smile, you have sucha pwetty face," said the eager boy
The child was unfortunately bugger than me, which I didn't like, she was afraid that he would hit me if I didn't. So she smiled her biggest smile.
the boy moved closer to her and whispered in her ear, " Bye, bye princess......" and he dissapeared.

I wondered where he had gone, and wandered in the house looking in every box, closet or shadow. Alas she didn't find him, until the next day.............
I walked around the house wondering about the boy, and my family. Ok, my father is a hunter of some kind and left me & my mother, to go to Translvania. My mother is dead, because some animal attacked her.
So I lived all alone, in a big house tat he stupid rich brother bought her, so he didn't have to take care of her.
And now I was scared to sleep at night because of the strange boy in the house. On that same day I was getting ready to go to church when I saw him. sitting on the kitchen counter-top, swinging his feet and his hands folded.
"Hallo, !!" he jumped down and walked over to me swaying his big burly, 6-year-old arms.
"What the hell are you doin in my house???" I said. The boy seemed as if he hadn't heard
a word she had said. He just looked in her eyes. Then he reached his hand out for her to follow him. She declined and watched him dissapear in the other room.
Holding on to her yellow dress, she sheepishly followed him. When she went in she didn't see him. She looked around the whole room, and he wasn't there. How inconsiderate, she thought. Then, just as she was walking out, a huge monster jumped on top of her, and it felt like a hairy rock.

"Stay away from her leech." said the beast
"I was here fiwst!" said a voice from above. The beast on Claudia got, off of her and picked her up, and put her on the couch. The thing was hairy, and looked like and overgrown puppy, with wild, angry eyes.
"I don't care if the flippin Pope was here first, U CANNOT GET HER!!!, WE HAD AN AGREEMENT!" said the hairy one.
"grrrrr, who cares! i like her sooo much i just wants her delicious blood run down my lips..." said the Carrot head.
"ok, remeber, I am here, who are you, and who are YOU?" said I
the orange head said, "i am philip, but you can call me Carrot Smile, oh and the fat hairy DOG is Rocky."
"tell me what is going on." said I.
"Ok, your real last name isn't Boller, it is Vanhelsing, you are the great grand daughter of Viktor Vanhelsing. And he put a curse on us saying that whoever kills the last (youngest) decendent becomes the domantent speices.''
I steped back and sayed, "What're you saying? Domanant species?"
"Ugh she doesn't get it?? I thought you said she was intelligent." said Rocky
"I am a vampire, and Rocky is a werewolf...."
I sat down and put my head in my hand, "So are one of you going to kill me?"

"No. We are you're protectors. Our families hate each other, but we don't want there to be one superior species." said Rocky who ran into the other room to turn into a human.
He came out and was half naked. He was tall, and had black shaggy hair,about 12 with florecent white skin. "Do you have any clothes?"
I ran into my room and got out a too-big tank top and baggy gym shorts. He Wriggled his skinny body into them. "Aren't you cold?" said I, because it was like 23 degrees out. "No, we werewolfs aren't ice cold like those leeches." said Rocky.
"well, do you wanna meet our families???," said Carrot.
"um...sure if they don't eat me." I said.
"Of course they won't Smile" said Caoort.
(Rocky wandered off somewhere.)He grabbed my hand and ran so fast that I almost hurled, then before I knew it I was in front of this big black mansion. The windows were seemed to be spray painted, and there was no light in the whole house. Still holding my hand (which was feeling like ice on his rock-feeling skin)he knocked on the door, and said," Mawmy, I brought the Prophecy!!!- I mean girl!!!"
I wrenched my hand away from him and said, "PROPHECY???"
But before he could answer the door creeaked open and a dark figure in black came into the doorway. I saw and eye creep out, and then a fuul face. "Hallo,"said the figure, and once she saw who it was.......
"OH CARROT!!!! Hello, oh, who is this?? Oh she is sooo CUTE!! I could just eat you up!!"said the figure who came ou the door, with a small round face, and apeared to be Carrot's mom.
"Tiss, ok mawmy, she knooows, were're vampires!"said Carrot.
"oh, ok. OH you probably wanna meet the rest of the family, I am Evelen, and I am Carrot's mummy," said Evelen, she stepped aside, and lets us into the house.
The house had no furniture, no light, so i couldn't even see....
Once we got in the kitchen there were three Tall, beautiful Orange heads, with beautiful faces and they all at once looked over, at me.
the shortest boy, who was about 9 said,"Oh, her blood does smell like honey with surgar and cinamon, oh the torture......"
"That is Gregory, he is 18, that is Ross, Philip's daddy, and the cutie in the corner is Max, and he is 10."
I waved at all of them, and started stareing at Max, who was also stareing at me. After we got everything settled, I had started a new life.........

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Number of posts : 25
Age : 29
Location : USA
Real Name : Jocelyn
Registration date : 2008-03-08

PostSubject: Re: The Past..   Sat Mar 08, 2008 6:29 pm

i ment BIGGER not bugger sowwy !! Embarassed
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The Past..
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