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PostSubject: IMPORTANT!   Thu Feb 21, 2008 11:08 am

BEFORE writing out your character sheet, you MUST read through the Groups Category.
You must then click 'Usergroups' at the top of the webpage and join your selected group. (please take into consideration the amount of people in your chosen group compared to others.)

---Skip this unless you want to go into details---
You will either be accepted (you will know this when the colour of your name has changed at the bottom of the homescreen) or declined, at which you will recieve a PM from Myself or the head of the group, reccomening another group. (You will only be declined if there is a large amount of people in the group you have requisitioned, and there is a group will a lower population.) After your group has been approved...

After your group has been approved, you may start your character sheet, and begin the Twilight experience.
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