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 The dark coven of bliss

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PostSubject: The dark coven of bliss   Sat Mar 29, 2008 5:01 pm

The Dark Coven Of Bliss

Created by: Christopher Scott Solem

Web page:

{From free forums}

The dark coven of bliss is not an Emo or gothic web site. It is a forum that is made for manual role players. Manual Role Plays are not a video game. But it is used as a typing role play you type exactly what your character looks like, smells like, there life’s History, And There actions but you have to do them in book form. Book form is where when you talk you type like this “hello there” I’ am going to show you an example of a post, or a manual action.

----------------- --------------------------- -------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Start of example

----------------- --------------------------- -------------------------------------------- --------------------------

I whispered in her ear, my velvet voice tuned into her giving her warmth just by the sound of my lush voice.. “Will you come with me?” she muttered in return. I thought to my self ‘mortals are so stupid I want her blood HA like I would give her the time of day!’ I caressed her cheek gingerly…

I asked him “what do you want to do with some one like me?” he turned his lips into a smile and bit down into my neck with his vampire fangs the fangs felt like sharp needles being pressed into my skin I let out a harsh scream, at least I thought I did, my mouth was frozen shut…

Her blood trickled down my throat, it tasted like salt but it was to sweet for salt I loved it I wanted it all!

----------------- --------------------------- -------------------------------------------- --------------------------

End of example:

Comment: try to use any thing to make your post more….Exciting!

----------------- --------------------------- -------------------------------------------- --------------------------

You see that’s a Manual Role play post Posts are your actions or message. There is about 10 or more members to the site to the site! There are many different races to choose from. The site is still under construction but it will be completed in the following months or days!

Now there are the rules of The dark Coven of Bliss. They are on the site as well they are as written below

- rule 1. If continent of your Topic is over PG 13 write in the topic title (P 13+ romantic continent)If you fail to do so your topic will be deleted and you will be issued a warning If you have a problem with the continent of some ones post PM The Admin

- rule 2.No power moding you can not make your person un beatable if your person auto hits when the other player has given you chances to doge you are not aloud to auto hit! not even IF they DO! you will be sent a warning if you brake this rule! or any other rules!

- rule 3Keep in mind to Try to keep your posts long, and keep them detailed if it has no detail no one is going to want to talk to you SO make detail!

- rule 4if you brake a rule i will PM you and i will ask you "what Law Have you Broken?" if you answer wrongly your account will be banned for 3hours or more! if it happens again 2 days again 4 days again 1 month again FOREVER

- rule 5 Some people don’t like gore so if your post is going to be full of detail when it comes to killing then write in the Topic title *GORE* if you don’t do so you will be sent a warning!

- rule 6 No killing other players UNLESS you have promision From The Admin OR from the person that you want to kill!

- Rule 7 and if you’re good at this ill make you a Moderator! so be good follow my laws and i will love you!(more rules will be added keep watch!)

Taken from


As the rules state clearly any one can join so long as they respect the rules there will be no reason for the Admin to Be Rude or Dislike you. I can Promise you the Admin will treat you kindly no matter what. Though if you break a rule don’t expect the Admin to be nice to you. Like I told you if you listened to his rules and you will be allowed to post as much as you want just use the book form mat if you don’t most likely the Admin or administrators will look it over and try to help you.

If you want to support this site then spread posts and have people reply. To it on send e-mails to your Friends Look around on or maybe even there are so many sites you could advertise for my site you could even post my Video on My space or any other site that holds Youtube.

Romance is encouraged but don’t do any thing rated X please, romance with detail in the kiss the movement the posture of your eyes your hair hands. That is acceptable. Try not to get to into your post when it is romantic. I don’t mind romance with LOTS of detail but don’t make it up above PG 16 (I am not sure that’s a rating but please don’t have sex content) oh and if you have nude pictures I will delete your picture and disable privet messages and you will be censured for the rest of the time you are on the dark bliss coven. You will be banned for 3 days at the least if you have inappropriate pictures. If it happens again I will have to ban you forever.

If you have a thought you wish to purpose to the Admin then PM him or Post a Topic under rules. I

Thank you for your kindness

The Admin
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The dark coven of bliss
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