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 Vampires (Vegetarians)

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PostSubject: Vampires (Vegetarians)   Wed Feb 20, 2008 2:56 pm

Vampires are created when they are bitten by other vampires. The venom spreads through the body, incapacitating them, eventually reaching the heart, which it stops. The transformation is an extremely painful one, lasting several days. They are very pale and hauntingly beautiful in appearance. They posses supernatural strength, speed and special powers which result from how they lived as a human. Their eyes are topaz in colour but will turn coal black when they need to feed. Vegetarian vampires feed only off animals. when in sunlight, their skin will sparkle, so they must avoid it to remain conspicuous. Forks is a very good place for them to be because of that. They must only enter La Push in extreme circumstances as they are mortal enemies with werewolves.

Those are the most important things about vegetarian vampires. So if you want to be one of the living dead put it in your character sheet under species.
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Vampires (Vegetarians)
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