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 Midnight Story

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PostSubject: Midnight Story   Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:56 pm

I climbed up the window to Bellas room. Edward had told me to watch over her for the night because he had to hunt and couldnt be with her when he was thirsty. I thought she was sleeping by now considering it was midnight. But when I got to the window she was sitting on her bed and staring at the window. "Hello Bella." I whispered. I tried to be quiet because Edward had said that Bella was living with her father and I shouldnt wake him."Hi." she whispered back. "Shouldnt you be sleeping? I heard humans sleep at this time of night." I said with a small smile. "I was waiting for you." she said. "Why?" I replied with a shocked and confused tone. "I heard something....about you and...... I just wanted to hear your side of the story." I was confused "What did you hear and who did you hear it from?" I asked. She probably thought I ment she heard something bad because she quickly said "Dont worry i didnt hear anything bad." "Ok. So who and what did they tell you?""It was Edward and he just said that you became a vampire over 300 almost 400 years ago and that you came here so you can get away from a vampire and you used to be with......" Her voice trailed off. I knew what she was going to say. "Oh I see he just told you the basic things. So you said you wanted to ask me something." "Oh yes um but never mind.""No its ok,I dont mind telling you some things. Well lets see where do I start."

"I was born in Japan as you know over 300 years ago. My real name is Jade Motto. I had three siblings two sisters and one brother. I lived in a village but I dont remember the name but the village was filled with my clan or family as you call it here. On my 18th birthday I was surprised by my family but not the happy kind of surprised I was told I was being arranged to marry a man I never heard of. But the night of my birthday a revolting vampire killed my whole clan i wont tell you how but Im sure you know I managed to save my younger sister but I didnt survive and I was turned into this." I pointed to myself." I dont know why but I stayed with the vampire for over a century. I managed to run away but I had to hide for a while. I soon decided to come here because I got bored of Japan and thats when I met Jasper and joined Marias army at first we didnt really get along but after a few days I fell in love with him. After a few years I left him because I didnt really think I was good enough for him. I roamed the country for a while you know hunting and what not. After a while I came to the north and bumped into Jasper again and thats when I met Alice ." I looked up "Alice if your listening to my story this is when you come in." I looked at Bella she seemed to be very into the story "And then what happened?" she asked with a curious tone. I looked at the clock it was almost four. "Maybe you should go to sleep." I suggested. "But I want you to finish your story." "Its past four Im sure Edward wouldnt want you staying up so late." "Fine, but youll tell me the rest next time right?" "Ok I promise." I told her."Oh and youll tell me more about you and Jasper right." I nodded my head no. "If you want to hear that part of the story youll have to ask Jasper for his permission its his story too and you have to make sure Alice knows because Jasper belongs to her." I smiled. "ok but if I get permission from both of them can I hear that part of the story?" "Maybe." I said "Now go to sleep,Edward will be here soon." "Ok." she said with a sleepy voice and then she closed her eyes."
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Midnight Story
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