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 the first sent.

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PostSubject: the first sent.   Sat Mar 01, 2008 10:02 pm

when i need to think, i go to the most secluded palace i know, which, at the moment happens to be
this very meadow. most of my thinking is done about trying to remember my past, even little parts.
i ve only been secussful twice, the first about remembering that my dad died when i was 7 from
cancer and that i had a sister named lia.
as i got up to the meadow my mind started to flow with memories i never remembered before,
like my dogs name, that my mom was telling me how i should start thinking about collage
a few days before i got changed. then all of the sudden they all stopped. like someone pulled the plug
on the tv in my head that was showing me my memories.
frustrated i layed down in the swaying grass.
i just wish i had someone to under stand me
understand what im going through, not being able to remember your past memories
not even your last name from before your transformation.
as i got up to leave i smelled something, something not that pleasent, a smelled ive only
smelled once before in my life, it could only be one thing a werewolf,
ive never met a werewolf before, ive always wanted to though, i dont see what the big deal with the vampires hating them, i would ask avery but i know she would give me this long drawn out speach on how i should never assosiate with a werewolf, the intergate me onwhere i got the idea of a werewolf. it was all too much to deal with.
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the first sent.
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